Reporting a bug

Help improve Spacemesh

You can help us improve Spacemesh by sending us a report of any issue you come across while running the App.

What is an issue?

Anything you think is unexpected behavior in the Spacemesh App. Anything that prevented you from completing an action that you think the App should support. For example, executing a transaction or setting up Smeshing.

Reporting an issue

There are two ways to report bugs:

  1. Email a description of your issue to
  2. Create a new topic for your issue in the Testnet community forum.

When reporting a bug, please try to provide the following information:

  1. DESCRIPTION: A clear description of what you were trying to do with the App that you believed caused the issue.
  2. STEPS: What are the steps of interacting with the app that cause the issue?
  3. BEHAVIOR: A clear description of the issue itself. What happened that you didn’t expect to happen following the steps?
  4. EXPECTED: What you expected to happen that didn’t happen?

Please add to your report any applicable screen shots and please also try to include a zip file of your app's log file. To locate the log file, click on the green log file button in the app’s settings.

An Example Issue Report

  1. DESCRIPTION: Can’t send Smesh to an address.
  2. STEPS: Clicked ‘SEND SMH’, entered transaction details, pasted account I got in Whatsapp from my friend and clicked ‘SEND’.
  3. BEHAVIOR: Got an error message stating that something went wrong…
  4. EXPECTED: Have my transaction sent and confirmed without errors.

Here’s a screen shot of the error message I got. Also - attaching my log file.