Should I Join the Testnet?

Joining the Testnet helps Spacemesh launch a high-quality Mainnet and the Smesh (SMH) cryptocurrency. Spacemesh is a decentralized ledger designed to be formed from a large number of home desktop PC owners who run the Spacemesh software on their PCs. To test such a network we need a large number of block producers to join the Testnet.

Joining also helps you to prepare for participating in the Spacemesh Mainnet once it is launched.

Bottom line: if you care about Spacemesh and plan to participate in the Mainnet, you will benefit by joining the Testnet.

In the true spirit of crypto-economy, we have launched this Testnet so that anyone can verify (rather than blindly trust) the 3 main promises we make:

  1. The core technology and product work.
  2. Participants don’t have to do anything after the initial setup to run a Smesher.
  3. Participants can their your computer normally while running a Smesher.